RUMORY rules

  1. Sign up by downloading the RUMORY app and filling the registration page.

  2. Watch a short video, click on a link or download an application to get tokens.

  3. Select a present or future instant on which you wish to bet (minute, hour, day, month, year).

  4. Wait until the end of this moment to see if our algorithm has selected you.

  5. Redeem your tokens for cash by PayPal or bank transfer, based on the $ 10 win equivalence.

  6. Create a group with other players to increase the value of your bets and your odds of winning.

  7. Sponsor your friends with your personal ID in RUMORY and earn 10% of their winnings for one year.

  8. Discuss through private or group chat to develop the best game strategies.

  9. Share your wins on social networks and get bonuses.

  10. Time to play!