Terms and Conditions of Rumory Advertising Game

Version 6/10/2017

Article 1. Who are we?

  1. The Publisher of the Game is Rumory Games, limited by share, registered in Dublin, Ireland under number 611720 and headquartered at The Old Station, 15 A Main Street, Blackrock Co. Dublin, Ireland (hereinafter the Editor).
  2. The director of the publication is Mr. Primel Christophe.
  3. The site rumorygames.com is hosted by OVH, whose registered office is 2, rue Kellermann, 59200, Roubaix, France, registered with RCS Lille Métropole 424 761 419 00045.
  4. The Publisher is at your disposal for any further questions or complaints to contact@rumorygames.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Article 2. Acceptance of Terms of Use (UGC)

  1. The Player agrees to comply with these Terms of Use (hereinafter UGC). When registering for the Game, the Player becomes aware of and expressly accepts these Terms.
  2. The registration confirmation email provided by the Player Editor also contains these T&C as a PDF file.
  3. Unless proved otherwise, the data recorded in the publisher’s computer system constitutes proof of all transactions concluded with the Player.

Article 3. Conditions of participation

  1. As an act of daily life, participation in the Game is open to anyone over the age of 13 who has a device capable of hosting the Rumory app. Minors of 13 years old and under are not allowed to open an account.
  2. In case of participation of minors over 13 years old in the Games, the authorization of one of their parents or the legal representative will be necessary. An email will be sent to the manager containing these Terms of Use so that he accepts them.
  3. The Publisher may refuse the opening of an account and / or access to the Game by justifying legitimate reasons, in particular because of conduct contrary to the Community rules set out in article 14.

Article 4. Registration to the Game

  1. To enter the Game, simply open an account by completing the registration form. A Player account is open for an indefinite period of use.
  2. It is also possible to register via social networks like Facebook. However, these companies are not in any way a partner or partner in the Game and they cannot be held responsible. In any case Facebook will not be held responsible in case of litigation related to the Game. Facebook is neither organizer nor sponsor of the game. The personal data collected during the Game are intended for the organizing company.
  3. The Player must provide a valid email address, username and password. These elements are strictly personal to the Player and should not be shared. The Player personally assumes the risks associated with the use of the Game and the loss of confidentiality of his password.
  4. If the Player forgets his password or has reason to believe that another person is using his / her login or account, he / she should immediately notify the Publisher at customerservice@rumorygames.com.
  5. The Player warrants that the data he / she provides when registering is accurate. He undertakes to inform the Publisher without delay in the event of modification of the data he has communicated during his registration and, if necessary, to make himself the said modifications on his personal account.

Article 5. Description of the Free Advertising Game with Hope of Winning

  1. The Game is free downloadable (Free to play). It is like a lottery advertising to allow in a fun setting the promotion of products and services of third parties. The game comes in the form of free advertising lotteries sweepstakes. In any case the Player cannot make real money expenditure, for example in Euros, to play.
  2. The Player may play in the Game by winning free chips (hereinafter Chips) which he may exchange for real money under the conditions specified below.
  3. It is first possible to earn Free Tokens by viewing advertisements for advertisers offered in the game.
  4. The Player may also hope to win new Tokens by betting his / her Tokens previously obtained free of charge in Game games. Any bet necessarily involves a risk and a risk of losing the Free Tokens. Since the free chips have no financial value, their losses do not represent any financial loss for the Player.
  5. Specific promotional campaigns can be launched. The Player will be informed of these campaigns either on the site, or by email, or on the social networks accounts of Rumory Games LTD.

Article 6. Players’ Winnings

  1. Tokens earned as part of the Game may only be used in the Game. Tokens have no monetary value as part of the Game. They are the exclusive property of the Publisher.
  2. Tokens cannot be purchased and sold between Players or with third parties to the Game against payment in real currency (Euros or any other currency having a legal tender), or in virtual currency exchangeable directly or indirectly in real currency, in any way whatsoever. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the immediate suspension without notice and the exclusion of the Player in the context of article 13.
  3. The Player may exchange his Tokens for free for real money (Euros) only through the function “exchange my Tokens” within the application. He will collect his profits on any bank account indicated during his registration or later.

24. In order to exchange Tokens for real money, the Publisher limits the exchange of Tokens to a minimum sum of 10 Euros, the equivalent in number of chips in the game. This amount can be modified later. The exchange can then be done only in increments of 50 cents. The balance cannot be exchanged for real money, even if the account is closed, for any reason whatsoever.

  1. Payment providers are specified on our website that the different commissions that each provider can collect.
  2. In the event of an international transfer, International token exchanges are limited to a minimum of € 300 for the first exchangeable chunk of Tokens.
  3. Players may optionally exchange and give their Tokens only as part of the Game but without any monetary consideration in real or virtual money.

Article 7. No right of withdrawal

  1. With regard to Free Tokens, it is not possible to invoke any right of withdrawal due to the absence of the Player’s expenses.

Article 8. Use and evolution of the Game

  1. The equipment (computer, software, internet connection, etc.) allowing access to the Game is the sole responsibility of the Player, as well as the communication costs incurred by their use.
  2. Required and recommended configurations may change. It is possible for the Player to improve or change his system to continue to participate in the Game.

Article 9. Privacy and Data Protection of the Player (refers to the Privacy Policy)

  1. The Publisher complies with French standards concerning the personal data of its Players.
  2. By using the Game, each Player is likely to share personal video and audio content, and leave comments. By using these features is obliged to respect the prohibitions as described in Article 14 (Community rules).
  3. Each Player has the right to access and rectify information concerning him, which he may exercise by contacting the Publisher customerservice@rumorygames.com. He may also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning him. The Player is warned that the change of username is only possible for legitimate reasons.
  4. The information provided by the Player, such as his name, date of birth, email address and in some cases, his bank details are subject to computer processing for the proper functioning of the Game, the execution of his order and compliance with the legal obligations of the Publisher. The collected data only allows providing, managing, protecting, and improving the Game.
  5. The Publisher takes reasonable steps to protect Player’s personal information from loss, theft and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.
  6. We refer to our Privacy Policy (link) for more information.

Article 10. Intellectual Property

  1. The trademarks, software, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and texts contained on the Game are the exclusive intellectual property of the Publisher or its partners and may not be reproduced, used or represented without the express permission of the Publisher, under penalty of prosecution.
  2. The rights of use granted to the Player are reserved for a strictly non-commercial and personal use within the framework and for the duration of the registration to the Game. Any other use by the Player is prohibited without the permission of the Publisher.
  3. The Publisher does not accept any unsolicited content (game ideas or other products, works of art, scripts, music, concepts or other creations), in order to avoid future misunderstandings about its new developments.

Article 11. Warning system for contentious or harmful content

  1. Each Player may notify customerservice@rumorygames.com by e-mail of the existence of such unlawful content by clearly stating the location of the content and the reason for the cancellation request. Except abuses, the content in question will be deleted as soon as possible, without this deletion being able to engage the responsibility of the Publisher.
  2. Only moderating a posteriori on the contents diffused by the Players is ensured by the Editor when one points out to him such contents.

Article 12. Liability

  1. The Player acknowledges that the characteristics and constraints of the internet do not guarantee the security, the transmission delay during each Game of Network session, the availability and the integrity of the data transmissions during their communication on the Internet. As a result, the Publisher is bound only to an obligation of means on the contents transmitted on the network.
  2. The Player agrees to follow the rules of the game and the safety instructions in a systematic manner. If he does not respect them, the Publisher is authorized to prohibit him from participating in the Game and / or suspending the Game. The Player may not claim any compensation or refund in this case.
  3. The Player is solely responsible for all damages and degradations that he causes to third parties and to himself as part of the Game. The use of the Game is at the risk and peril of the Players.
  4. The Publisher is not responsible for a malfunction of the Game, if it proves that the impossibility of access, the bad conditions of use of the Game are attributable to equipment not adapted to the Player, to internal malfunctions of the Player’s access provider, congestion on the Internet, and for any other reasons external to the Publisher.
  5. Except as a public policy provision, the Publisher excludes liability for any indirect damage resulting from the aggravation of an initial damage or the appearance of new damage related to direct damage.
  6. Publisher’s liability does not apply to offers and content that the Publisher does not control. By accessing the Game, the Player may encounter information about third party sites and content. Accessing it is the sole responsibility of the Players.
  7. Certain information, information or content exchanged between Players (Chat, Forum, etc.) may constitute personal data that affects the Player’s private life and / or may incur criminal and civil liability. By distributing such information or content, all optional, the Player expresses his / her consent to their disclosure on the internet and takes sole responsibility for it. The Player warrants the Publisher against any criminal or civil administrative prosecution, and any out-of-court disputes based on such content exchanges of which the Player is the initiative.
  8. The fact that the Publisher does not rely on the Player’s breach of any of the provisions of these Terms cannot be interpreted as a waiver on his part to avail himself in the future of such failure.
  9. The Game complies with the regulations in effect in France. The responsibility of the Publisher cannot be engaged in case of non-compliance with the legislation of the country in which the Game is provided; it is up to the Player, who is solely responsible for its Purchase, to check.

Article 13. Termination – Closing the Account

13-1. Termination by the Player

  1. Each Player may terminate his registration, either by deleting the application from his personal media or by requesting the closure of his account at any time by sending an email to customerservice@rumorygames.com at no charge other than those related to the transmission of his request. This request will be deemed to be made on the business day following receipt by the Publisher of the closing request for the relevant account. In this case, the Player permanently loses access to his Tokens and its value in Euros. The Publisher is not liable for any damages if the Player requests the deletion of his account.

13-2 Suspension and Termination for Player’s Fault

  1. In the case of false or incomplete information given by the Player to the Publisher, and / or in case of fraud or attempted fraud during the participation in the Game, and / or in case of non-compliance with the law and / or these T & Cs, and / or in case of non-compliance with the rules of the Game, in the case of behavior that may infringe the rights of third parties, the Publisher reserves the right to suspend the participation of the defendant, immediately and without prior warning.
  2. The Publisher reserves the right to suspend the Game and / or to suspend the communication to the public of content broadcast by the Players, in part or in their sets, at any time, if it appears to him that the circumstances require and prevent the normal conduct of the Game and / or if malfunctions have occurred, in any form and from any source. Players will be notified as soon as possible of such suspension. The Player will not be able to claim any compensation in this case. In this case, the Player permanently loses access to his Tokens and his counter-value in Euros.
  3. 54. The Publisher may terminate the Player’s account immediately after sending an e-mail to the Player informing him of his breaches. Such termination shall be without prejudice to all damages and interest that may be claimed from the Player as compensation for any loss suffered by the Publisher as a result of such breaches, it being understood that no compensation of any kind whatsoever may be required of the Player to the Editor. In this case, the Player permanently loses access to his Tokens and his counter-value in Euros.

13-3 Suspension and Termination for Account Inactivity

  1. The Publisher may close the account of a Player without justification and at his discretion, after an inactivity of 2 (two) years on the account without connection of the Player to the Game. The closing of the account entails the end of the contract and loss of all content associated with the Game. The Publisher is not liable for any damages in this case. In this case, the Player permanently loses access to his Tokens and his counter-value in Euros.

Article 14. Community rules

  1. Violations of the rules of the Game and these Terms are prohibited. There is fraud especially when the Player, including the simple attempt, as author, co-author or accomplice:
  • intentionally communicates invalid, misleading, incorrect, or incomplete data;
  • resells, assigns, or leases his player account and all or part of its content to a third party;
  • Participate through or assist with robots, or any other related automatic system;
  • performs a reverse engineering, decompile, modify, disassemble or intervene on applications, software and computer codes related to the Game and its services;
  • take action to thwart, disrupt, circumvent, modify, or otherwise affect the encryption technology, security measures, or data transmitted, processed, stored, and used by the Game;
  • acting fraudulently or unfairly, in particular attempts to lose or cause players to lose intentionally in the Game in order to gain a competitive advantage. As such, the Publisher reserves the right to control the use of the Game by the Player and may, for this purpose, set up tools to detect any attempt of fraud or unauthorized activity;
  • intentionally causes a disturbance / malfunction, to influence the running of the Game;
  • uses the Game and its services to harm others in any way;
  • by any unjust behavior, such as fooling other players, gaining an advantage or attempting to gain a benefit, and thereby endangering the impartiality of the competition;
  • practices a team game with other members, excluding the multiplayer mode available in the Game, so that an uninformed Player is disadvantaged and has no chance of winning or fair winnings;
  • collects or collects information relating to or relating to other Players or their account, including but not limited to their personal data or information;
  • does not respect his obligations and / or rights of other Players, defined by the legal provisions, the present T&C and the rules of the Game;
  • makes statements to the detriment of image and reputation and spreads or disseminates negative rumors about the Publisher and / or the Game;
  • violates voluntarily or involuntarily the French or international laws in force, or the present GTC and the rules of the Game.
  1. Players have the opportunity to contact through the Game including via a forum and / or a Chat. For this, they undertake not to exchange content:
  • including third-party advertising or hidden advertising messages and advertising messages in the form of spam;
  • false, rude, abusive, derogatory, defamatory, offensive or pornographic, or contrary to French law;
  • infringing the rights of third parties;
  • including viruses or programs that may affect the operation of other computers;
  • which are polls or chain letters;
  • intended for the dissemination of political, ideological or religious messages;
  • intended to collect, record or use the personal data of the Players without authorization, in particular for commercial purposes;
  • using an offensive name or user name for anyone;
  • the object or effect of which is a deterioration of the conditions of the Game that may affect the rights and respect of other Players and the spirit of the Game.

Article 16. Amendments to the Terms of Use

  1. The Publisher may modify these Terms at any time. The Player will be informed by any means of these modifications as soon as they are posted on the Game’s website. If the Player continues to use our services after this publication, the Publisher considers that this modification has been accepted.
  2. The modifications of the T&C are opposable to the Players as from their connection on line and cannot apply to the transactions concluded previously.
  3. If one or more stipulations of these T&C are declared null according to a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will keep all their strength and range, to the extent permitted by that decision.
  4. The T&C are accessible at any time on the site of the Game and will prevail, if necessary, on any other version or any other contradictory document.

Article 17. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction – Mediation

  1. These Terms are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with French law, the language of interpretation being the French language in the event of dispute over the meaning of a term or a provision of these Terms.
  2. Unless otherwise provided by public law, all disputes that may arise in connection with these T&S regarding their validity, interpretation, performance, termination, consequences and consequences will be submitted exclusively to the competent courts of Strasbourg.
  3. The Client is informed that he can in any case resort to a conventional mediation, in particular with the Commission of the mediation of the consumption (C. consom Article L 612-1) or with the mediation bodies existing sectors, and whose references appear on the site http://www.economie.gouv.fr/mediation-conso or any alternative dispute resolution (conciliation, for example) in case of dispute.